Early morning planet video

This one minute iPhone video of four of the five planets plus our moon. This morning about 435am edt. I started with Venus rising, then Mars, Jupiter and our Moon (yes, that dot on the left is Mars in the scene with Jupiter and the Moon), and then Saturn.

Here’s the panorama of three photos I took this morning of the planets in the sky, about 4:30am EDT. You may have to do a ‘right click’ then ‘open photo in new window’ thing or save the photo to see it full size. Let me know how it goes.

Moon mosaic as soon as I can get PE15 to do it.

Morning planets. Panorama of three photos. Canon XS on tripod with 28mm lens at f/4, ISO-400 for 1 second each.

PE 15 just couldn’t get the three pieces of the Moon to photo merge. I think PE 14 let me do it manually, but I went with the more recent version and should have stuck with PE 14.

This is a composite of three photos I took through the 8-inch dobsonian with the Canon XS attached in place of the eyepiece. I kluged them together using Microsoft Power Point. Don’t enlarge it too much. There’s a bit of blurriness.

Montage of three photos through 8-inch dob at prime focus. 1/250 second at ISO-800.

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