The Super, Full, Strawberry Moon Aligned Down Main Street

A town near me, Elmsford, New York, had its own Stonehenge moments this past two nights as the Super Moon rose while lined up directly down its main street. Pictures don’t do justice to the sight. The human brain singles out the Moon for special attention, making it seem bigger than it really is when it’s near objects we know the size of. The pictures are less impressive because the camera is not impressed (and a glitch in the telephoto lens wouldn’t let me zoom in). The Moon rise was directly down the center of the street. But I wasn’t going to stand in the middle of Main Street to get the photos!

I strung together the photos I took into a movie of the Moon rise, but wordpress won’t let me post it. See my facebook page for the video: The photos covered about five minutes.
Here’s the most zoomed-in photo I could get before the lens electronics failed at full zoom.

Canon XS on tripod, zoom lens at 116mm; 1/60 second at f/7.1, ISO 400.

Cropped from a larger scene, here’s a car on the Sprain Brook Parkway overpass passing in front of the Moon. The Parkway overpass is 1/3 mile away from the camera. Utility wires also cut through the Moon.

First peek at the Moon rise.

55mm lens for 2 seconds at f/7.1, ISO 400

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