Comet Leonard Tries to Hide Behind a Utility Pole

The comet is the smudge to the left of the second insulating knob from the left. Really. I checked.

Cropped from larger photo. Canon XS on tripod with 50mm lens. 5 second exposure at f/2, ISO 800. No processing.

I didn’t find the comet with my binoculars. I only saw it on the photos when I pulled them up on my computer. Had trouble with all the comet lower in the sky, and all the urban lights and obstructions and not as many bright stars nearby.

Here’s a better photo I took later when the comet had risen further in the sky. Comet Leonard is the fuzzy dot in the middle of the photo. I swear I can see a very faint tail extending to the upper left. Not there in any processing I’ve done.

Canon XS, cropped from larger version. 50 mm lens at f/2, 6 seconds, ISO 400.
Cartes du Ciel chart matching the cropped photo, above.
Full size of the cropped photo above.

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